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3 Ways to Grow Veg in a Sydney Courtyard

Updated: Mar 27

You don't need much space to grow veg if you have a reasonably sunny spot. And you certainly don't need exposed garden soil. Why buy herbs, spring onions and chillies when you can grow them out back?

Here are 3 options for growing your own in a paved courtyard!

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1. Hanging baskets

These are great for strawberries, herbs and dwarf beans. In fact any vegetable or herb that likes to literally hang out!

But they dry out super quickly in our blistering heat, so not for the busy folks! They also drip, so you need drainage or you'll end up with stained pavers.


2. Pots/small planters

Pots are great, but be sure to put a tray underneath to stop the water leaking into your courtyard. That way you can water then from below which is a much better method as it encourages strong roots.

But pots also dry out super quickly - veg needs a lot of water - one hot day and they are toast!


3. Self-Watering Courtyard Planters

Get Urban Veggie Crew to install one of our

high yield courtyard planters. They are lined and store their water in the base, so no runoff, no mess.

These wicking beds produce massive amounts of veg in a small space with hardly any effort. And because they water from below there are no weeds, less pests, less disease and no nutrients are lost. More info here...

If you have a busy life, you need one of these. Nothing better than grabbing some sprint onions, chillis and cucumbers from the courtyard when you get home from work!

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The engineered beds we install are tuned for unbelievably high vegetable yields with no hassle:

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